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Seminars & Workshops:

  •  Balancing Your Life Choices

When life gets too busy, we may need to reevaluate and eliminate things that are not essential. A balanced life is a continual process of making daily decisions that will either bring satisfaction or lead to frustration and stress. We will look at how we self-sabotage due to fears or mistaken thinking. You will gain new ways for establishing value-based priorities, smarter goals and action plans.

This is an interactive coaching workshop where you will gain clarity for making best choices for optimal well being.  You will get the opportunity to assess your life areas and identify your strengths so you can focus on positive results..

  • Surrendering to Love for Victory

As we face the challenges of life, we gain strength through surrendering to God’s perfect love and trusting in His sovereignty. Would you like to experience more peace, contentment and freedom? Are you ready to let go of your fears, guilt or worry? Is your self-reliance keeping you from God’s best? This is an interactive experiential workshop where participants get clarity, encouragement and empowerment to take God’s next steps for His pathway of abundance and significance.

  • Introduction to the WELLNESS INVENTORY

Wellness is much more than getting enough exercise, proper nutrition, or screening for health problems. It is an experience of wellbeing and aliveness that begins with a personal choice – a decision to move toward optimal health. Wellness is a way of life, a lifestyle you design to achieve your highest potential for wellbeing, and it is a journey that continues throughout our lives in the small choices we make every day. The Wellness Inventory is an online holistic assessment and life-balance program designed to help you gain personal insight into your state of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The program is based on the work of wellness pioneer and author, John W. Travis, MD, MPH.

  • HIGH Maintenance Relationships

Are you ready for some coaching support for how do deal with the people who drain your energy and cause unrelenting stress? There is hope for dealing with the “irregular people” in your family, social and work settings. We will identify some of the “triggers” that cause us to react to them. We will also cover some alternative options including setting boundaries, basic communication skills and conflict resolution tools. Join us for some understanding, compassion, and laughter as we practice some new ways for keeping our sanity as we let go of people pleasing and focus on God’s pleasures!

  • Your Life in Review

Everyone has a desire to be heard and to share their life stories. It is very beneficial to  review our memories and gain clarity and purpose from our positive and painful experiences. In this workshop, you will identify your life scripts, themes and patterns that may sabotage your success. We will deal with some ways for overcoming strongholds, experience release from  unresolved issues, grief and losses. There will be healing opportunities so we can move forward with renewed strength for a future with hope!

Charting Your Life Course – Retreat
This is a group coaching life plan workshop retreat for all who truly want to live the life they were meant to live! Get beyond mere survival, above worldly success to a life of eternal significance. Join us as we personally mentor and guide you through a four step process for charting your life course.

• AWARENESS of your life perspectives & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of your current reality.
• ACCEPTANCE of “who you are” and “what you really want” by identifying your unique design profile which includes your abilities, beliefs, experiences, personality, values, spiritual gifts and strengths.
• ALIGNMENT of your passion, purpose, mission and vision together for the creation of your Life MAP (Massive Action Plan).
• ACTIVATION for setting your personal and professional goals to gain balance and momentum for your life course.
This is an incredible gift for personal spiritual development and life planning which includes experiential workshops, inspirational coaching, five meals and fellowship.

& Many other presentations including:

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Remember: Words to Live By

The Power of Intercessory Prayer

Let’s BE Real

The Secrets of Contentment

Character Makeover

Pathway to Purpose

My S.O.S. Testimony

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